Retail medical aesthetics boutique OVME (pronounced "of me") is now open at Hill Center Green Hills.

Retail medical aesthetics boutique OVME (pronounced "of me") recently moved into Hill Center Green Hills at 4017 Hillsboro Pike Suite 310. The location in Green Hills marks the Atlanta-based company's second location overall. 

OVME's services range from medical aesthetic treatments like neurotoxins, dermal fillers and micro-needling to wellness services such as precision weight management, vitamin B-12 shots and hydration therapy.

The company tapped Amber Cruth, RN, as Nashville’s lead aesthetic provider. We spoke with Cruth about the new location and what readers should know about the company.

What should readers know about OVME?

OVME’s flagship ‘boutique,’ located in the Green Hills Hill Center is the second of many that will be rolled out in some of the most exclusive markets around the United States.

OVME - Nashville

OVME offers a sleek and contemporary take on the traditional clinical environment, and we are squarely focused on performing minimally invasive cosmetic services that promise “the best ‘ov’ you.”

What excites you most about the position as lead aesthetic provider?

I love everything about my job, however, what really excites me is working with my clients to develop customized, long-term treatment plans. Medical grade skincare is a science and an art — it's not one size fits all. At OVME we always offer complimentary consults so know that you are welcome to drop by any time to learn more.

With OVME’s Nashville location launching just as cold weather arrives, are there any services that are particularly helpful during this time of year?

When it's cold outside, my go-to is the HydraFacial which exfoliates and hydrates the skin. It is absolutely the best facial on the market. I also love the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser to correct brown and red spots. Sun exposure is a definite no-no prior to IPL, so I always advise my patients to seek pigment correction during the winter months.

I also suggest regular B-12 shots. One incredible benefit of our membership program is complimentary weekly B-12 shots — B12 helps with energy, mood, hair growth and skin texture.


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