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A 10-month project reconstructing Hillwood Bridge in Belle Meade is nearing the halfway mark. The 102-year-old structure, owned by the city of Belle Meade and maintained by Metro Nashville, crosses over CSX railroad tracks and Richland Creek near the Harding Road and Lynwood Boulevard intersection.

During a routine inspection in 2017, the bridge was rated “structurally deficient,” by the state Department of Transportation, meaning one or more of the bridge’s major structural components is in "poor condition.”

The $2.3 million project is scheduled to be finished by July 31.

What happened in 2018

• Residents and commuters who regularly drive across the bridge have been routed to Davidson Road and White Bridge Road, both of which connect to Post Road and Harding Pike and provide access to Hillwood Boulevard.

• In an effort to reduce speeding and cut-through traffic caused by the closure of Hillwood Boulevard, Belle Meade installed two temporary speed tables on Jackson Boulevard between Harding Road and Belle Meade Boulevard.

What's happening in 2019

• Contractor Bell & Associates has finished demolishing the bridge. They are working on the piers and pouring footings and columns. “With the bridge being hidden from plain sight, you can’t always tell what’s going on, but at this point, the old bridge is completely down, and crews will now be installing the new bridge for completion by July 31,” said TDOT spokesperson Kathryn Schulte.

• There are plans to incorporate some historical features from the old bridge into the new bridge, officials say.


Photo provided by TDOT


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