The company’s signature workout combines 25 minutes of cardio on the Woodway Curve treadmill with 25 minutes of strength training on the Megaformer.

Atlanta-based fitness studio and boutique SculptHouse opened last month on the second floor of Vertis Green Hills. The signature workout, founded by owner Katherine Mason, combines 25 minutes of cardio on the Woodway Curve treadmill with 25 minutes of strength training on the Megaformer.

We spoke with Mason about the studio's recent expansion to Green Hills, as well as what clients can expect when visiting SculptHouse for the first time, curating the boutique side of the company and more. 

SculptHouse is located at 3990 Hillsboro Pike Suite 200.

1. Do you mind telling us a little about your background and what led to creation of SculptHouse?

After working in a corporate job and feeling less than stellar about where I was with my career path, I moved to New York to pursue a career in fitness. Growing up being a serious athlete, I desired for a career that would allow me to be in an athletic environment but I struggled with being able to do that but also have a substantial job. When I moved, I didn’t have a job lined up or even know exactly what it was that I was going to do when I got there, but I trusted the magic of new beginnings and knew with some hard work and perseverance I would eventually find my path.

About a year into New York, I took the next step of my fitness career by becoming a personal trainer at a Megaformer studio. From this experience I gained a whole new level of appreciation for fitness and in particular the Lagree Fitness method and the Megaformer.

Katherine Mason

Katherine Mason

During this personal training focus, I had my ultimate ah-ha moment on the idea of SculptHouse. I had clients commenting that they loved the Megaformer but felt that they needed to incorporate cardio into their regimen. Others asked me how I stayed in shape and the answer was using the Megaformer and incorporating high intensity interval training on a treadmill. Then it hit me; the perfect workout would incorporate the Megaformer with cardio intervals on the treadmill.

SculptHouse is the ultimate fitness haven combining all the things I loved from my experience in New York and the things that I felt I had a competitive advantage on because of my experience there. We are the first place in the world to combine these machines and to also incorporate the level of retail curation that we do.

2. What should readers know about the workout and what to expect during a session?

When people see the Megaformer and the Curve in the same room for the first time it can be intimidating. Anytime people get outside their comfort zone and try something new, it can be scary. Although it is natural to feel this way, our front desk staff and instructors work to break down the intimidation factor before the first class. Our trainers spend about 10 minutes before class welcoming first timers, giving them a full rundown of the machines and the method.

During your first class, your instructor will make sure you have proper form, are in the moves correctly and are happy to give you a modification or variation if needed. The workout is extremely customizable so our instructors work with each person (especially the Megaformer) to make their workout the best for their individual goals. 

3. What were the driving reasons to expand the company and open a studio here in Nashville?

Once I fully conceived the CardioSculpt method as well as the boutique alongside the studio, I knew SculptHouse was filling a void in the fitness industry. We had people flying in to try the class because of their love of Lagree Fitness and the fact that we combined it with a treadmill. We also started seeing copycats right off the bat. When you have something special you want to share it with as many people as you can. SculptHouse is innovate and first of its kind. We knew we needed to get moving and expand or be prepared for others to take our idea and do it themselves. 

In terms of expanding to Nashville, it made a lot of natural sense. Nashville folks and our customers and Buckhead are very similar. Our customers are fitness and health minded, are forward thinking, fashionable and want to live a balanced lifestyle, in style. With the natural synergy Nashville has with Atlanta, and the growth taking place in the city, it made a lot of sense to expand our first out of state location to Nashville. We are so excited to be a part of this new community and bring a different edge to the growing fitness and fashion scenes.

4. SculptHouse also operates an onsite boutique. What goes into curating the fashion and athleisure side of the company?

The boutique is just as much a part of our business as the studio. Mary Katherine Nealey, head of retail and buyer, and I work really hard to curate lines from all around the world. We currently carry over 30 different lines in activewear, shoes and accessories. In fact, we are the exclusive retailer for one of our shoe lines, Esseutesse, in the state of Tennessee.

Twice a year Mary Katherine and I go to market and meet with each of our vendors in person. We see the next six months of inventory options, touch and feel the fabrics and merchandise all of the lines together so that our customers can put together different looks by missing and matching lines. Activewear/athleisure is here to stay, as people are becoming more and more active, busy and focused on comfort. SculptHouse's boutique allows you to not sacrifice style for comfort!

Dylan Skye Aycock is a Nashville-based journalist and photographer. As a reporter for Rover, Aycock follows transportation, housing and retail trends, as well as other hyperlocal and city-wide issues that affect residents in Green Hills and Belle Meade.

She previously contributed written and visual content to The Murfreesboro Pulse, American Songwriter Magazine and The Tennessean. Aycock earned a journalism degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she honed her craft as editor-in-chief of Sidelines, the university's student-run publication. When she's not out on assignment or live-tweeting city council meetings, you can find her discovering new local spots or catching a show at one of Nashville's many music venues.


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