Trail & Fitness

Trail & Fitness is located in Belle Meade at 5133 Harding Pike Suite B1 (Rover/Mary Katherine Rooker)

A heart attack in 2010 led George Khoury back to his first love: mountain biking. “I was 34. It was a major, major wakeup call. I’m fine, coming up on nine years this spring. No issues since. But after that, the cool thing is, it got me back on my bike,” Khoury said.

The Nashville native and Belmont graduate was working in finance at the time. With a wife and new baby at home, Khoury realized he needed to make some changes. In 2012, he opened Trail & Fitness, a bicycle shop located in Belle Meade.

Trail & Fitness has something for everyone, from families to beginners to seasoned cyclists who’ve spent years in the saddle.

Owner Interview: George Khoury

Trail & Fitness

Trail & Fitness owner George Khoury (Rover/Mary Katherine Rooker)

When did you discover cycling?

“I got my first mountain bike sometime around 1993 or 1994. I was probably 16 years old. Mountain biking had started to get very, very popular. Back then, there weren’t that many places to ride mountain bikes in Middle Tennessee but there was something that I found a love for pretty quickly.”

Tell me about the bikes in your store.

“We do a ton of mountain bikes. We do a ton of hybrid and fitness. We do a ton of kids’ bikes. We do a little bit of road. We do some pedal assist e-bikes. That’s definitely an area where we think we’re going to see a lot of growth in the coming years. It’s absolutely exploding in Europe and it’s starting to get a foothold here. We really like to talk to people about e-bikes as a means to get them out of their car a little bit.”

What advice would you give someone who’s brand new to cycling?

“We try to figure out the ride experience the person is looking for and then try to guide them toward something that’s going to be suitable and in budget.”

What makes you feel good about what you do?

“A lot of times you’ll see how a bicycle can change lives. I do believe in that. I’ve got friends, I’ve got customers who’ve gotten on a bike, fallen in love with it, lost a ton of weight. I’ve got friends that have been through addiction and recovery and they fell in love with their love and their bike riding helps them stay the course that they need to be on. In a nutshell, to see the way a bike can change a personal life.” 


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