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The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere celebrated a milestone Thursday morning when it welcomed its one millionth visitor — the first time in the Zoo's history to reach one million visitors in a single year.

The Zoo's one millionth guest was Kristyn Macri who visited the Zoo this morning from Spring Hill, Tennessee, with her two sons, Asher and Cohen.

The Macri family received a free Nashville Zoo household membership, as well as a prize bag of Zoo-themed gifts.

What they said

"We visit the Zoo every week because this is Asher's favorite place in the world," Macri said. " Every morning he wakes up and asks to go to the Zoo and to see the 'aminals.'"

"Nashville Zoo is one of the youngest zoos in the country starting just 21 years ago here at Grassmere," said David Oehler, Nashville Zoo Vice President. "Welcoming more than one million guests annually puts Nashville Zoo in the top 25% of zoos and aquariums across the county in terms of attendance." In the last 10 years Nashville Zoo has averaged an 8% growth annually. In comparison, zoos in the United States have averaged less than 2% annually over the past decade.

What's new at the Zoo?

The Zoo will continue to expand as it opens its new HCA Healthcare Veterinary Center on February 23, 2019 and its renovated Sumatran tiger habitat March 8, 2019.


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