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Metro Council last convened Tuesday, May 15, for its second meeting of the month. An agenda is published prior to each meeting and can be found on Metro's website.

We've compiled ten items the council approved on its consent agenda.

How do items on the consent agenda work?

Resolutions on the consent agenda are meant to be enacted by one motion and approved without discussion. In the event an items needs to be discussion, it will be removed from the consent agenda for separate consideration.

The following ten items were approved at the May 15 council meeting:

1. A resolution accepting a grant of $15,000 from the Best Friends Animal Society to provide funding for spay/neuter surgery for animals reclaimed by their owners in exchange for waived reclamation fees.

2. A resolution accepting a grant of $232,000 from the Department of Health to promote Healthy People 2020 goals to the residents of Davidson County through the use of health promotion activities and education programs.

3. A resolution accepting a grant of $1,792,600 from the Department of Health to provide oral disease prevention services for school children in grades K-8 in qualifying public schools.

4. A resolution accepting a grant of $2,182,500 from the Department of Health to provide comprehensive care coordination services to eligible children with special healthcare needs.

5. A resolution recognizing May 2018 as Lupus Awareness Month.

6. A resolution recognizing the month of June as Nashville Pride Month and further recognizing the 30th anniversary of the first Nashville Pride event which took place in 1988.

7. A resolution approving an application for a Bulletproof Vest Grant from the United States Department of Justice for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to purchase bullet proof vests for law enforcement personnel.

8. A resolution approving an application for a Nashville Bike Grant from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to conduct vehicle and bicycle stops for the purpose of educating the public and gaining compliance with state and local ordinances.

9. A resolution accepting a grant of $328,000 from the Department of Finance and Administration for a Family Justice Center Navigator position.

10. A resolution accepting a grant of $34,560 with a required match from the Tennessee Arts Commission for funding to non-profit organizations to nurture artists, arts organizations, and support development of Davidson County cultural resources.

The council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the David Scobey Council Chambers at the Metro Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 1 Public Square in Nashville.


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