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A new state report card showing benchmarks for every district and and public school in Tennessee has been released by the Tennessee Department of Education.

The report, redesigned over the past year, is intended to help families better understand individual schools in areas like academic achievement and growth, attendance and students’ preparation for graduation.

“We want families to have easy access to information about their school’s performance and how it is meeting the needs of all students,” said Education Commissioner Candice McQueen. “The report card provides parents and community members with an additional snapshot of information to understand how their school is performing, see successes, and know where to ask questions and get engaged.”

How schools are ranked

Tennessee's new report card ranks a school's overall performance on a scale of zero to four, similar to a student's grade point average, with four being the highest. The numbers are not a reflection of any individual student. The categories:

Academic achievement — How students are performing on grade level for state assessment tests like TNReady.

Student academic growth — How students are progressing year to year, regardless of whether they are considered to be on grade level.

Chronically out of school — Students who miss at least 10 percent of the school year, or about 18 days. 

Ready to graduate — Students who graduate with a 21 or higher on the ACT.

Graduation rate — The percentage of students who graduate on time from high school.

What are schools ranked in Green Hills and Belle Meade?

The following scores reflect public schools in the Green Hills and West Meade-Hillwood areas:

Hillsboro High School

  • Academic achievement: 0.1

  • Student academic growth: 0

  • Chronically out of school: 0.6

  • Ready graduate: 2.4

  • Graduation rate: 1.7

Hillwood High School

  • Academic Achievement: 0.2

  • Student Academic Growth: 0.1

  • Chronically Out of School: 1.2

  • Ready Graduate: 1.2

  • Graduation Rate: 1.7

J. T. Moore Middle School

  • Academic Achievement: 2.7

  • Student Academic Growth: 3.2

  • Chronically Out of School: 1.5

H. G. Hill Middle School

  • Academic Achievement: 0.9

  • Student Academic Growth: 3.7

  • Chronically Out of School: 1.0

Julia Green Elementary

  • Academic Achievement: 4.0

  • Student Academic Growth: 1.4

  • Chronically Out of School: 3.4

West Meade Elementary

  • Academic Achievement: 1.8

  • Student Academic Growth: 2.1

  • Chronically Out of School: 1.4

How about Nashville and statewide scores?

The following scores reflect Metro Nashville Public Schools, as well as all schools in the state of Tennessee:

  • Academic achievement (percentages indicate students performing on track or higher):

    • MNPS: 27.4 percent

    • State: 39.1 percent

  • Student academic growth (Level 5 being the highest performing and Level 1 being the lowest performing):

    • MNPS: Level 1 out of 5 (Level 1 is lowest performing)

    • State: N/A

  • Chronically out of school (percentage of students who miss 18 or more during school year).

    • MNPS: 18 percent

    • State: 13.3 percent

  • Ready to graduate (percentage of students who demonstrate readiness for post-secondary and career):

    • MNPS: 23.6 percent

    • State: 35.8 percent

  • Graduation rate (percentage of students who graduate on time with a regular high school diploma):

    • MNPS: 80.3 percent

    • State: 89.1 percent

Dylan Skye Aycock is a Nashville-based journalist and photographer. As a reporter for Rover, Aycock follows transportation, housing and retail trends, as well as other hyperlocal and city-wide issues that affect residents in Green Hills and Belle Meade.

She previously contributed written and visual content to The Murfreesboro Pulse, American Songwriter Magazine and The Tennessean. Aycock earned a journalism degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she honed her craft as editor-in-chief of Sidelines, the university's student-run publication. When she's not out on assignment or live-tweeting city council meetings, you can find her discovering new local spots or catching a show at one of Nashville's many music venues.


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